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Western Australia Girls' Trip

Need a break from everyday life, and missing spending quality time with friends that you haven't caught up with in too long? Take some time out for yourself and reminiscence with your besties with our ultimate girls trip? Western Australia is a short 5-hour flight away from Singapore to Perth, making it a perfect destination for you and your friends to unwind, catch up, and make memories together!

Stumped on how to get a trip started? Follow Aarika Lee and her two best friends on their journey through Perth and surrounding Western Australia, and you'll be dusting off your luggage for an unforgettable experience with your friends in no time!

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Day 1 >> Arrive, Shop & Dine

Shopping at Perth's Biggest Mall

There's no better way to start a girls' trip than with some retail therapy! Step into Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre, Perth's biggest shopping mall, and shop yourselves silly with a wide array of brands to choose from! The mall also hosts a dedicated group of stylists ready to curate looks for any occasion.

Marvel in Endless Dining Options

After a $250 million development, the Westfield Carousel Rooftop Dining Precinct has opened its doors to the public! Experience cuisine from an eclectic range of cultures as you soak in the alfresco vibes. An elevated amphitheatre and stage gives bands and singers a perfect space to add to the atmosphere on summer nights.

Day 2 >> Swim with Dolphins - Explore Fremantle

Swimming with dolphins in Rockingham

Fancy meeting our sea-bound relatives up close? With over 25 years of experience, friendship and trust built up with the local dolphins, visitors have a unique opportunity to interact with these fascinating creatures with Rockingham Wild Dolphin swims. Not the strongest swimmer out there? No problem - no prior snorkelling experience is required!

Explore Fremantle's Rustic Streets

The vintage buildings that line the Fremantle district exude the charms of old, but not all is old here - Fremantle is home to a blooming food scene that will satisfy even the most discerning gastronome. Shared spaces like The Mantle serve up more than just great eats, featuring art displays and collaborative workspaces.

Day 3 >> Rottnest Island Day Trip - Crowne Hotel

Rottnest Island Day Trip

The locals call it Rotto, the visitors call it Perth's little paradise. Rottnest Island is a short ferry ride from the Fremantle ports, and offers plenty for adrenaline junkies, beach bums, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The tranquil isle, just west of Perth, is perfect for a day-long escape from Perth's city bustle.

Get Your Quokka Selfie!

Rottnest Island is also home to the world's friendliest marsupial - the quokka! Found nowhere else on Earth, these lovely critters are always game for a selfie - so game, in fact, that it's become a trending hashtag on social media. Don't forget to pay these hospitable ones a visit when you're in Perth!

Day 4 & 5 >> Pinnacles - Lobster Shack - Hutt Lagoon

Peek the Peaks of Pinnacles

When people talk about Perth, deserts aren't usually the first things that pop to mind. Well, Perth has a desert, and it's a beautiful one! The expansive landscapes of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park will leave any road-tripper spellbound. The best part? It's only 2 hours away by car - perfect for a day trip or make a trip of it with an overnight stay!

Lunch It Up at Lobster Shack!

Right next to the Pinnacles Desert sits a oasis-esque coast, complete with bustling lobster farm and restaurant! The Lobster Shack sits just north of Pinnacles and packs good eats along with fully-guided fishing and sightseeing tours. Seafood and sand dunes may seem strange together, but it's a combination you won't forget.

Get Pretty in Pink at Hutt Lagoon

A pink lagoon is the stuff of movies and fairytales, unless if you're in Western Australia! Hutt Lagoon is home to billions of red-hued algae Dunaliella salina, which gives the lake a mystical pink sheen. Forget colored pastel walls - pink waters will get your group shots popping, and your Instagram followers gushing.

Day 6 >> Maragret River Day Tour

Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

When you're on holiday, it's never too early for beer, especially if it's handcrafted beer as good as the ones served up by Eagle Bay Brewing Co. Overlooking farmland and bushland to Cape Naturaliste and the Indian Ocean, it's a great place to enjoy summer menus with a view, and a warm heart from a lunch made with love.

Leeuwin Wine Tastings and Tours

Got a different favorite go-to tipple? That won't be a problem at Leeuwin Estate. A renowned winery with a penchant for good concerts, expect a fine selection of wines and guided tours of all kinds will bring colour to even the greenest wine beginners. Oh, and there's plenty to drink at their tastings. Get tipsy with the girls!

Sunsets at Prevelley

A stunning sunset can be found just a short drive away at Prevelley, home to the famed Surfers' Point. A sleepy village where the people of Margaret River congregates, there's much to see here in the day as surfing competitions pit the best athletes against the rips. The sunsets, however, will change your life.

Day 7 >> Margaret Town - Injidup Natural Spa- Busselton

Margaret Town High Streets

Still thinking about that dress you left on the rack during your last Perth shopping escapade? At Margaret Town's high street scene, you can buy them all back, and more! The Margaret River region is home to endless beautiful shophouses, each peddling unique keepsakes or gifts for your loved ones back home.

Injidup Natural Spa

Injidup Natural Spa is a quick quarter-hour drive south of Yallingup. Locals and travellers come from far and wide for a refreshing dip in the natural (free) spa along the beautiful rugged coastline. Be ready - you'll have to climb over rocks to get to this hidden beauty! Tip: Make sure you pack your swimwear!

Busselton Jetty Views

Travelling is all about making memories, and the seascapes at Busselton Jetty are perfect for these treasured moments with your girls. After you've had your fill of ocean views over the horizons, don't miss the red, solar-powered Jetty Train that chugs you across the calm, clear waters of Geographe Bay.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding S$14.60 booking fee.

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