Affordable Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants in Seoul

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Seoul's top 12 budget Michelin restaurants |™

Are you hungry? (Bae go pah yo?)
Seoul is the perfect place to experience authentic Korean food, where extremely good food and excellent chefs are nothing new.

It is every traveler's dream to savour all the local food that appear on TV programmes and dramas. So we've featured the restaurants selected by the Michelin Guide, under the category Bib Gourmand restaurants that focus on quality food at an affordable price making it possible for everyone to indulge in the authentic dishes.


Recommended Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants in Seoul

#1 Daesungjip

Continuing a 60 years old tradition, Daesungjip is a specialized restaurant in preparing the mouth-watering Dogani tang (ox knee joint soup). If you're looking for a soul-satisfying bowl of ox-knee soup, which comes with rich and hearty soup, do stop by this place and have taste for yourself.

Do also take a bite out of the slow-cooked cartilage soaked in the special soy dipping sauce which is famous as well.

Tip: Be prepared to wait in line because the soul-satisfying soup is worth it! Do keep in mind that the restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Address: 5, Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

#2 Imun Seolnongtang

Opened more than a century ago, Imun Seolnongtang has been serving delicious seolleongtang, making it the oldest restaurant in Korea. The restaurant has since been visited by regular customers such as the marathon gold medalist winner Gijeong Son.

A lot of effort is put into making the rich seolleongtang broth, while the beef meat and bones are simmered for more than 15 hours.

Tip: Try putting rice and minced green onion in your seolleongtang for a warm and tasty experience!

Address: 38-13, Ujeongguk-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

#3 Oh Tongyoung

Oh Tongyoung is specialised in fresh seafood dishes with seafood delivered directly from the ocean. The name is dedicated to the coastal city Tongyeong, famous for its seafood.

Their signature dishes are one of a kind and include the abalone rice (jeonbok musoesot bap) with layered abalone and mushrooms over a bed of rice, mixed with butter and seasoned soy sauce. The menu also includes sea urchin bibimbap (seongge bibimbap).

Tip: English menu is available which makes the ordering process easier!

Address: 10, Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

#4 Halmaejip

The restaurant is run by Mrs. Mun, who opened it in 1975 and is still the heart and soul of the kitchen. Her pork back-bone stew, Gamjatang, is made according to an original recipe, using bean sprout and leek for a refreshing taste and chilli powder to add a spicy flavour.

While you're there, you might see Mrs. Mun walking around explaining what is the right way to eat her Jokbal.

Tip: Try Gamjatang (pork back-bone stew) or Jokbal (pig trotters)

Address: 1-5, Sajik-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

#5 Min's Kitchen

Chef Min-ji, who has her own cooking show, presents modern Korean dishes in a warm, sophisticated setting at her restaurant. Every dish is plated in handcrafted ceramics which also fuse the traditional and modern aesthetics. The restaurant offers two menus - lunch and dinner service and the chef' specials are included in both which also has around 80 types of wines and fine Korean liquors such as Moonbae Sool and Hwayo.

Tip: Try the 'steamed pork belly' and pair your food with wine

Address: B1F, 10-4 Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

#6 Dadam

Dadam is an authentic Korean restaurant, serving dishes made from specially selected local seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's decor is inspired from traditional elements of Korea, such as stones from old houses of Ganghwa island.

The most popular dish is the Baby Napa Cabbage Salad, fresh and healthy, according to the chef's cuisine philosophy.

Tip: Make a reservation before hand, they have private rooms available

Address: B1F, 445 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

#9 Mugunghwa

Mugunghwa serves traditional food, with a contemporary twist. The interior is decorated in a traditional Korean style, attracting foreign guests who want to listen to a live performance of Kayagem. The restaurant offers panoramic views of Seoul's dynamic urban jungle from the 38th floor. Signature dishes include bibimbap with sea squirt, shepherd's purse and soft Tofu as well as Andong-style noodle soup.

Tip: Make a reservation beforehand and try the restaurant's extensive tasting menu.

Address: 38F Lotte Hotel, 30 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

#7 Jihwaja

Jihwaja is a restaurant that specializes in authentic Royal Cuisine of the Joseon Dynasty.
The meals are prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients, and can cater to any occasions, from business meetings to celebrations and anniversaries.

Here you can experience the unique food culture of Korea and the secret recipes of the family of Hwang Hae-seong using all your five senses.

Tip: It's closed on Tuesdays.

Address: 125 Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

#10 Bamboo House

This traditional Korean restaurant was opened in 1995 and is famous for their Korean barbecue.

The atmosphere is cozy and lighthearted, with the bamboo garden providing an elegant backdrop décor.

Their menu provides a variety of authentic local dishes prepared by a team of experienced chefs.

Tip: Try one of their signature dishes: crispy zucchini fritters or cognac beef sirloin flambé.

Address: 33 Eonju-ro 107-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

#8 Budnamujip

Opened in 1977, the Budnamujip restaurant has been designated by The Seoul Metropolitan Government as the best Korean Restaurant. The small chain of restaurants, specialised in Korean barbecue, proudly serves meat exclusively from the female cow including ribs, sirloin and tripe. The rich flavors of the exceptionally tender meat are enhanced only with quality bay salt.

Tip: This is the right place to visit if you would like to treat your family or important guests.

Address: 434, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu,

#11 Bo Reum Soei

Bo Reum Soei is a restaurant specializing in Jeju black beef. It offers varied cuts of beef including tenderloin and sirloin.

Their fresh beef is delivered from a local farm in Jeju, operated by themselves which gives high pride and reliability regarding the beef quality.

Tip: Private rooms are available on the second floor.

Address: 36 Teheran-ro 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

#12 Samwon Garden

Samwon Garden offers an impressive selection of delicious entrees. Since it was opened in 1976, the restaurant keeps making its guests happy with top-quality Korean beef barbecued over hardwood charcoal. The bulgogi and the ribs are the establishment's signatures dishes. The restaurant is also famous for the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds it.

Tip: Select your cut of meat and let the efficient staff cook it for you as you enjoy a full spread of complimentary side dishes.

Address: 835 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding S$14.60 booking fee.

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