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Things to do?

Things to do in Taichung

Must-See Sights

Standing at a staggering 574ft, you'll do well to miss the Shr-Hwa International Tower, but it's still worth getting up close and personal with one of Taiwan's tallest skyscrapers to see it in all its glory. Assembled and completed in 2004, it is considered by many to be the centrepiece of the city, making the other key buildings that sit in the West District look tiny in comparison.
Whilst there's an impressive array of fine modern architecture in the city centre, the best buildings in Taichung are the ones that have stood the test of time. Pu-Lu Monastery is a particularly popular tourist attraction, a graceful mansion-like building that oozes tranquillity. Paochueh Temple is another picturesque structure worth taking in, with one of the largest gold Buddha statues in Taiwan sitting peacefully behind the building. The National Museum of Natural Science is also worth a visit for its unusual exterior design if nothing else, although there are vast range of fascinating zoology, botany, geology, and anthropology exhibits lying in wait inside.
There are many natural wonders to be found in Taichung too, with Taichung Park still as marvellous today as it was on the day it first opened over a century ago. The oldest park in the city, this green region is home to lakes, bridges, tennis courts and playgrounds, continuing to lure in both locals and tourists year upon year.

Food and Drink

Taichung is home to some delicious local cuisine, and has a number of terrific little eateries and cafes in which to sample it. 13 Coffee is one of the more offbeat locations in the city - a former car repair shop that has been transformed into a café. Fourth Credit Union is another venue that offers another 'different' dining experience. A Taiwanese bank once upon a time, this venue has now been transformed into a café and restaurant covering three floors. If you're up for dining in luxury, there're few better recommendations than Le Moût - a venue which has been listed among the very best restaurants on the entire continent. However, if you fancy immersing yourself among the locals, you can wander up to Fengjia Night Market to sample delicious Taiwanese food and drink for very cheap prices.

For the Artsy Crowd

If you consider yourself something of an art connoisseur, or if you just appreciate raw creativity, you ought to take some time to visit National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts during your trip to Taiwan. This venue has some intriguing exhibits and lovely little tea house in the courtyard area, where you can reflect on your visit whilst sipping on authentic Taiwanese infusions. Rainbow Village is an equally captivating attraction, albeit in a rather different way. Whilst the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is subtle and sophisticated, Rainbow Village is bright, striking and loud, consisting of a tiny cluster of houses painted with a thousand colours and illustrations.

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