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Singapore - Kuala Nerus

Cheap flights from Singapore to Kuala Nerus

Finding and booking a flight from Singapore to Kuala Nerus is easy with CheapTickets.sg. Just tell us when you wish to fly and we will find you the route and itinerary that best fit your preferences.

If you wish to stay in a hotel or roam around the city in a rental car, you can search and book great hotel and car rental deals with us too!

Here is some useful flight information that will help get you started.

Average price per month

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Flight information

Flight tickets from Singapore to Kuala Nerus are generally priced at an average of S$180, dependent on your chosen airline, as well as other details such as if it is a direct flight, etc.

Based on our booking data, the cheapest month to travel in the last 12 months is February – where the average ticket price was S$ 131.

In Singapore you will depart from Changi Airport (SIN) and arrive in Sultan Mahmood Airport (TGG) in Kuala Nerus. There are several airlines which operate flights between Singapore to Kuala Nerus, with Malindo Air being the most popular choice.

Once onboard, the total flying time between Singapore and Kuala Nerus is usually around 1 hour and 4 minutes, in which you will cover a distance of about 456 kilometers.


Singapore to Kuala Nerus

Average ticket price *
S$ 180
Most popular airline
✈ Malindo Air
Arrival airport
Sultan Mahmood Airport
Average flight time
✈ 1 hour and 4 minutes
✈ 456 kilometer
Time difference
Kuala Nerus is the same time as Singapore

* Average ticket price in the last 12 months (exc. booking costs)


About Kuala Nerus

Upon arrival in Kuala Nerus, you will first land in Sultan Mahmood Airport (TGG) and your journey begins here. On our CheapTickets.sg flights to Malaysia page, you will be able to find more information about things to do, events and practical tips on how to make your trip to Malaysia the best one yet!

Popular spots in Kuala Nerus

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Singapore - Kuala Nerus (SIN – TGG)

Looking to fly from Changi Airport to Kuala Nerus? There's a couple of options for you. There are multiple airlines flying from Singapore to Sultan Mahmood Airport. On CheapTickets.sg you can easily compare available flights to Kuala Nerus, from all relevant airlines.

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