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5 Categories of Graduation Trip Ideas

Graduation Trip Ideas


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Graduation Trip Ideas

Graduation Trips Ideas

Congrats fresh grad, you have successfully completed the rigour that is Singapore's education system - and you definitely deserve a good break!
What better way to celebrate than an unforgettable trip with your awesome crew of friends who have stayed by your side through group project woes and late 3am study sessions?

With the world as your oyster, there definitely is a city for every kind of traveller your friends are! Read on for some graduation trip destination ideas that we have compiled for you!

On the other hand, if you already have a destination idea in mind, head on over to our graduation trip guide for some pre-trip tips.

For the Urban Explorer

This one is for the fans of the contemporary skyscrapers in the sleek and modern cities that are found all over the world today. Book a flight for a view of one of the most beautiful skylines in the world.

One of the most iconic skylines

New York

# 1 - Skylines

Home to the world's tallest building


# 2 Skylines

Bask in the view atop Victoria Peak

Hong Kong

# 3 Skylines

Asia's multi-cultural metropolis


# 4 Skylines

For the Nature Lovers

Get up close with Mother Nature in these cities that are homes to pristine beaches and beautiful nature landscapes! Escape from the digital world to these top nature destinations!

See iconic Australian wildlife in their homes


# 1 Nature

The sea is calling out your name


# 2 Nature

Support Ecotourism in Hawaii's capital city


# 3 Nature

A Tropical Paradise itself


# 4 Nature

For the Shopper

Is your credit card your best friend? If yes, show it some love - from small boutiques to long shopping streets in these famed shopping cities today!

You name it, Tokyo has it


# 1 - Shopping

Who hasn't heard of Fifth Avenue?

New York

# 2 shopping

The way to a shopaholic's heart


# 3 shopping

A 21st century fashion capital


# 4 shopping

For the Foodie

We all speak the universal language of food - some more than others. From classy rooftop restaurants to busy nostalgic street stalls, these food cities promise you a satisfied stomach.

Eat at every street corner


# 1 Culinary

Home to 230 Michelin-starred restaurants


# 2 Culinary

Fill up on traditional delicacies


# 3 Culinary

City of Lights as a gourmet destination


# 4 Culinary

For the Cultural Enthusiast

Mingle with the locals, explore historic sites and discover the true heart of every city - its culture. This is for the ones who seek the true essence of these culture-rich cities in our fast-paced society today!

The border between old and new


# 1 Culture

Marvel at the majestic ruins of ancient Rome


# 2 Culture

China - one of the world's oldest civilizations


# 3 Culture

Explore the City of Music


# 4 Culture

These cities are not to be missed too!

How can you miss out on the Golden Gate Bridge?

San Francisco

Scenic views galore


At the foot of the Himalayas


Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster


From theme parks to diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Gold Coast

Home to Niagara Falls


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