New South Wales, New Experiences

New South Wales just keeps getting better.

The state of New South Wales is home to 7.5 million very happy Australians, probably because they reside in one of the most livable cities in the world. It's no surprise, really - NSW is home to incredible coastlines, an ecletic city culture, and plenty of nature to wander through when you need some clarity. Oh, and let's not forget the finest Hunter Valley cabernets.

Getting to Sydney has never been easier, with new direct flights from Singapore popping up every week. Whether you seek a short weekend getaway or a well-deserved escape to paradise, New South Wales provides - and providence is just one flight away.

Soak in the sound of Sydney

Bridges, beaches, as pretty as pictures. Sydney is a sensory masterpiece bursting at the seams with culture, food, and entertainment.

Things to do in Sydney

Make a toast to Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley packs more than just famous tipples - hot air balloons, alpine views, and Australia's distinctive wildlife await your discovery.

Things to do in Hunter Valley

Sydney's Stunning Surrounds

Sydney's various regions each play key roles in NSW's culture. From Illawarra to Riverina, experience authentic Australian diversity.

Discover Sydney's surrounds

Blue Mountains National Park

Home of the famous Three Sisters in Katoomba, this park is a World Heritage site for good reason - step into its expanses and find out why!

Explore the Blue Mountains

A Halal-friendly Sydney

Dietary restrictions may be a bummer in your trip, but not in Sydney! Check out the wide array of Halal dining options in and out of the city.

Check out our Halal-friendly Tips

Port Stephens

26 sandy beaches, limitless sand dunes, expansive blue bays, and more than 150 wild bottlenose dolphins. Nature's finest converges here, and you're invited.

Set anchors at Port Stephens

In New South Wales, there's alway something new to look forward to.

First time in NSW, or just wondering what's new in the city? Link up with the newest and brightest snippets of Sydney and its surrounds!

Get Out of Town: 5 Go-tos in NSW

Want to step out of your comfort zone into the great unknown that surrounds the city centre? Read on for a step-by-step guide to some of Sydney and New South Wales’ most exciting destinations.

Get Out of Town: 5 Go-tos in NSW

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Self drive from $820

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