Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Located 3 hours drive from Darwin, the Dual World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park covers more than 19,000 square kilometres of ancient land. Marvel at natural waterfalls cascading into pools surrounded by nature. Discover up to 1000 plant species, a quarter of all Australian freshwater fish species and try your hand at bird spotting with over a third of Australian bird species existing in the area before experiencing ancient Aboriginal rock art.

Explore the highlights of Kakadu by letting the locals take you on a tour of the area. Take a lazy cruise around the local wildlife’s natural habitat or join a day tour and visit the wetlands and the Aboriginal Rock art of Nourlangie in one day.

Corroboree Billabong Wetlands

Only 1.5 hours drive from Darwin on your way to or from Kakadu National Park is a wetland experience not to be missed. Corroboree Billabong is part of the Mary River Wetlands and is teaming with birdlife and also has the largest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the world. View these prehistoric creatures in their natural environment swimming around the billabong and relaxing on the banks as you cruise past. The birdlife here is fantastic and you will see a huge variety of species during your cruise.

Twin Falls and Jim Jim falls

From November to May, in the tropical wet season, the waterfalls are at their most spectacular and the lowlands are flooded. This unique surroundings when the lowlands are flooded attracts millions of migratory birds including the gracious jabiru, majestic azure Kingfishers and magpie geese.

Aboriginal Rock Art at Nourlangie

Discover the cultural heart of Australia, surrounded by vast landscapes steeped in history. With the ancient rocks as a canvas, enter a gallery housing an insight into vibrant indigenous culture of the Aboriginal people. Nourlangie Rock Art Site showcases ancient paintings telling stories of the local people and their relationship with the country and beliefs. Take a self-guided tour and climb to the Gunwarddehwardde Lookout, and be rewarded with sweeping views of both Kakadu's escarpment and Nourlangie Rock.

Discover Kakadu

Come with us into Australia's Northern Territory as we explore Kakadu National Park.

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