Get Out into the Outback

NT has the visuals, and a personality to match.

There's a place in Australia teeming with the great unknown, with secrets waiting for the most adventuruous of souls to discover. Meet the Northern Territory, home to the legendary Outback. Its capital, Darwin, and the wide expanse that awaits beyond the port city's walls is tempered by its sparse but hospitable citizens, affectionately known as Territorians. As you step into the endless red horizons, open your eyes and experience true freedom - you're about to live life at its wildest.

Get out there - the Northern Territory awaits!

Darwin, right on top

Perched at the very pinnacle of the Top End, Darwin's where most Territorians reside and rejoice. Oh, and the food and drink's amazing as well.

Things to do in Darwin

Alice, the Outback's heartbeat

Flanked by red-hued mountain ranges, Alice pulses with Aboriginal art and historical fire, while linking tourists to some of NT's most stunning sights.

Dive into Alice Springs

Kakadu National Park

A real-life glimpse of old Oceania, over 2000 species of flora and fauna thrive in Kakadu, complete with Aboriginal rock paintings from yesteryear.

Kakadu National Park

Katherine, A Crossroads

Katherine is where the Outback meets the tropics, and also NT's main junction - watch as Aboriginal culture and nature fuse wonderfully within its walls.

Explore Katherine

What's Different in NT?

Just what separates NT from anywhere else in Australia, or the world? We've 5 pretty points to make about Darwin, its surrounds, and its spectacular specials.

What's Different in NT?

NT's Top 5 for Outdoor Lovers

Missing the sunkissed glow of the outdoors? NT is any nature lover's paradise, and our Top 5 list is a great place to start. The endless horizon awaits!

Onward, Outdoor Lovers!

In Northern Territory, there's alway something new to look forward to.

First time in NT, or just wondering what's new in the city? Link up with the newest and brightest snippets of Darwin and its surrounds!

Adventures Abound in the NT

Steeped in Aborigine heritage but hospitable to cultures from all around the world, travellers will be enthralled by NT's diversity and community - a city with a soul.

Adventures Abound in NT

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