Victoria Self-Drive Guides

Looking for the road less travelled? Grab your keys - let's get going.

Victoria's capital city, Melbourne, has plenty to supply in cultural and entertainment value. But some of us just want to get away from civilization for a quiet time and place to reflect. Does some me time alone on a trail you chart sound like the perfect getaway? If so, these self-drive itineraries are your one-stop guides to paradise.

Whether you're here for a week or just seeking a short respite before jumping right back into the Victorian party, our itineraries are tailored to help you achieve maximum enjoyment with minimal damage to your wallet. Save your money for the good stuff, we say!

Meander into the Mornington Peninsula

Just an hour's drive away from the Melbourne city centre, the Mornington Peninsula is the natural respite you're looking for and so much more! Hot springs, swimming with dolphins, cooking classes, and cable car rides await your fancy over land, air, and sea.

Meander into Mornington

7-Day Self-Drive Guide

Starting off in the warm recluse of Melbourne, your drive opens with a cruise through Princess Highway as you uncover a new Victorian kingdom complete with quiant fishing villages, mesmerizing vantage points, and plenty of incredible eats in between.

7-Day Self-Drive Guide

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