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Discover a greal deal more. In Melbourne and beyond.

Constantly ranking at the top of livable city lists Melbourne is known for arts and music, accompanied with arguably the best coffee and cafe scene in the Southern Hemisphere. Go beyond Melbourne and discover there's plenty to explore for nature, animal, and food lovers as well, both in the city and its borders. Marvel at mountain-top landscapes, trek through the thriving forests, or cruise across coastlines via land or sea.

Magnificent Melbourne

From contemporary city centres to rustic neighborhood hubs, Melbourne isn't just Victoria's capital - it's the whole opening chapter.

Things to do in Melbourne

Food, Food Everywhere

Hungry? Victoria's food scene is overflowing with succulence. No matter your dietary needs for preferences, the city will keep your tummy happy.

Find Vic's best eats

Melbourne-Mornington Self-drive

The beautiful Mornington Peninsula is far more immersive when you're packing your own set of wheels - grab your friends and gear, you're going on an adventure!

To Melbourne-Mornington

Experience the 5-Day Self-drive

Kicking off at Ballarat, this 5D4N road trip itinerary takes your through some of Victoria's best natural phenomena. Buckle up and bring your cameras!

5D4N Free-and-Easy

6-Day Self-drive’s pick of the region is the Mornington Peninsula, full of Aussie charm with a hint of a European coastal feel.

6-Day Self-drive

7-Day Self-drive

Surrounded by the Wonderland and Mount William ranges, the town of Halls Gap is a great hub to base yourself as you explore the Grampians.

7-Day Self-drive

Creativity breeds variety, and Victoria has plenty.

Change is part and parcel of every blooming city-state, and Victoria ranks right up there with the best of them. Keep up with Melbourne and its surrounds here!

Winter Snowcations in Australia

The summers may recede, but Victoria never sleeps. There’s much more to the lovely country even when the cold has come - make Victoria your next alpine destination!

Winter in Victoria

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Self drive from $820

A small city-state makes for easy driving in and around Victoria! Uncover spectacular secrets with our self-drive tips, and kickstart a road trip you and your friends will remember.

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