Maple Syrup, Ice Hockey & the Land of a Thousand Lakes

Cheap flights to Canada

If spotting fascinating wildlife, wandering through vast open tracts of wilderness, and trekking up mountains all add up to a great holiday for you, then now is the time to book your next flights to Canada. The second largest country in the world offers all this plus a multicultural vibe in cosmopolitan cities and year-round sports entertainment, from ice hockey to rodeo, so get on those flights to Canada as soon as you can.

About Canada

Stretching from the oceans of the Atlantic to the Pacific and up to the Arctic, Canada is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to majestic size and sheer mass of land. Then there are the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, and the Rockies, all vying for your attention.

If you plan to get some flights to Canada your best bet is to focus on one particular area of the country or you could take several flights Canada related and explore two or three regions in one holiday.

Must see spots in Canada

The cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver all have their own appeal, just as Quebec has a more European feel, and Ottawa, the capital, is surrounded by a natural playground of shimmering lakes and waterways.

Once you have landed from your flights Canada has so much to offer, from Inuit culture and the Northern Lights near Yellowknife, to Terra Nova National Park on Newfoundland, and the lush landscapes of Prince Edward Island.

Other sights not to miss include visiting polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, checking out Granville Island in Vancouver, and exploring at least one of the six national parks situated in the Rocky Mountains. So now is the time to book those cheap flights to Canada.

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