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The most popular fly drives in Corsica

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Two-thirds of this magnificent island consists of mountains. The flora and fauna on the island is also very diverse. This is why Corsica is a paradise for nature lovers. As an island, Corsica also has many beaches. All of these things, combined with bustling towns and good food, makes Corsica the perfect destination for a fly drive holiday!

The best way to discover this beautiful island is by car, because you can tour through the highlights at your own pace, with no strings attached. For example, visit the towns of Ajaccio and Figari, while Bastia and Calvi are also worth your while! Naturally, you can also enjoy picturesque French villages, beautiful scenery and wonderful views across the sea while touring around. Where to start? We've listed the most popular places for a road trip through Corsica for you.

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Want to rent a car?

Very useful, a list of popular fly drive destinations in Corsica, but you will of course need a rental car! It can easily be booked through For your convenience, we've also prepared a sample route for you.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding S$14.60 booking fee.

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