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Fly & Drive Destinations

The most popular Fly & Drive Destinations

Open the window, turn up the radio, put your sunglasses on and enjoy! Touring around your holiday destination at your own pace is the ultimate sense of freedom. After all, a car is the best way to explore all your surroundings. See that sign post for the village up ahead? Turn off and go and explore it. Create your own trip itinerary or follow our guides for iconic drives like Australia's Great Ocean Road! Fly drives have become very popular and with good reason: Fly to your holiday destination and then immediately pick up your rental car at the airport. This gives you the ultimate freedom and keeps you mobile during your holiday.

How to book your fly & drive on CheapTickets.sg

Isn't it difficult to book a fly drive? Not at all!

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Why should you consider a Fly & Drive trip itinerary?

When you fly to a particular destination, you may be able to visit some of the usual popular tourist places via public transport, however, there is a certain limitation when it comes to where, when, and how you can get to those places. By renting a car upon arrival, you can visit several sights at your own pace with no time restrictions. Stop off when the fancy takes you to see those little things sometimes by passed on a coach tour.

We offer fly & drive holidays to several destinations, such as United States, Australia, Ireland, and more.

Book your flight and car immediately to make your trip complete. Whether you’re looking for a cheap fly & drive holiday or if you want to travel as comfortable as possible, on CheapTickets.sg you can easily compare air tickets and rental cars from different suppliers. Of course we can also book hotel accommodation for you.

Fly to the dream destination of your choice. Your car will be waiting at the airport. You can enjoy your holiday right away!

These are the most popular fly drives

There are many places in the world where you can easily tour around in your car. Don't know where to go? We've made it a little easier for you by putting together a list of the most popular fly-drives.









United States

Los Angeles

United States

San Francisco

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