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The most popular fly drives in Sicily

Sicily is a large island at the southern tip of Italy. The island is surrounded by three seas: the Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Ionian Sea. On this island, you can enjoy lovely beaches surrounded by clear blue waters. Enjoy the feel of your feet in the warm sand! The nature and culture of the island are great to experience as well. For instance, visit the impressive ruins of Agrigento, or the bustling city of Palermo in Catania.

A fly drive through Sicily takes you through these cities, but also picturesque little villages, beautiful scenery and stunning views over the sea. Where to start? We've listed the most popular places for a road trip through Sicily for you.

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Featured destinations in Sicily

Rent a car for a road trip through Sicily and discover cities and places you'll never be able to reach by plane! For example, follow a route along these special destinations.


80 miles from Palermo lies Agrigento, a very small town on the southwestern coast of Sicily. The city is an interesting mix of modern and historical influences. The Via Atenea is the centre point of the historic centre. Between the tall buildings, the atmosphere is very cosy. There are many restaurants where you can eat and drink. But the Valle dei Templi with the remains of immense Atlases is also a big attraction. Go there and stand next to the stone heads which are larger than a person!


Follow the beautiful land route through the interior of Sicily back to the northern coast. The wonderful Cefalù has extensive beaches along the coast and in the outskirts of the city. In the evening, you can walk quietly down the street Corso Ruggero or hang your feet in the water on the boulevard. You can also enjoy the huge cathedral with its immense mosaic depicting Jesus on the inside of the dome. It's a very impressive sight!


The route to Taormina runs all along the coast to the tip of Sicily and Messina, and back along the southeastern coast. This beautiful motorway offers you views of the sea and the small villages. You can relax on the go. You'll then arrive in Taormina, a busy summer destination with many historical sites including the ancient amphitheatre. But the most interesting thing is of course the nearby Mount Etna.


The last stop on this fly drive route is Syracuse, south of Catania. Syracuse certainly shouldn't be missed on your fly drive holiday, because this city is timeless and beautiful. You absolutely have to see the Teatro Greco. On the large square near the cathedral of Syracuse, you can sit and watch people walking by and enjoy a drink on one of the terraces. Other than that, you can also just enjoy and go to the beach in Syracuse. An ideal ending to a beautiful driving route through Sicily.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding S$14.60 booking fee.

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