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Italy probably has the most distinctive coastline in the whole of Europe. It looks just like a boot about to give the island of Sicily a good old kick up the wotsit. There is it poised and ready, waiting for its moment. And Italy has had so many great moments.

Italy is a country full of amazing landscapes, glittering lakes, spectacular architecture and history around every corner. Italy has spawned some of the world’s most glamorous film stars like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, plus its national dishes of pizza and pasta are served up worldwide in a variety of guises.

Lying at the core of the Roman Empire, Italy has endured many ups and downs over the centuries from warring tribes to the birth of the Roman dynasty which heralded a new age in road building, architecture, sanitation and many other things that we take for granted today.

Cheap Flights to Italy

Italy: Travel Facts

Approximate Air Distance: 10,010 km

Approximate Flight Duration: 12 hrs 35 min

Busiest Airports: Departure from Singapore International Airport (SIN) / Arrival at all the major international airports including Bologna Marconi (BLQ), Italy Flumicino (FCO), Milan Linate (LIN), Malpensa (MXP), Palermo (PNL), Marco Polo (VCE), Valerio Catullo Franca International Airport (VRN) etc.

Major Airlines: Emirates, Thai Airways International, Malaysia Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, Qantas Airways etc.

Tourist Destinations: Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Verona, Turin, Bologna, Pisa, Siena, Perugia etc.

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