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Europe is the most visited travel destination in the world. Travellers who book flights to Europe discover not just destinations but dreams waiting to be lived. Immerse yourself in cultures, from the romance of Parisian streets to the mesmerising architecture of Rome. Let the stunning landscapes of the Swiss Alps and the azure waters of the Greek islands ignite your sense of wonder.

Your adventure begins in Europe, where moments turn into memories that last a lifetime. Plan your European adventure today!

Popular destinations in Europe
More destinations in Europe
Events in Europe
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Popular destinations in Europe

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More destinations in Europe

Top events in Europe

  • Carnival of Venice in Venice
    Every year, right before the six-week Catholic Lenten season (February), the Carnival of Venice comes alive. Both locals and tourists get the chance to don elaborate costumes and masks, participating in a vibrant celebration. Anticipate a lineup of exciting events like street parades, theatrical performances, and spectacular shows on the iconic waterways of the city!🎉

  • Keukenhof: A celebration of tulips and flowers The Netherlands
    Keukenhof, also referred to as the 'Garden of Europe,' showcases the offerings of over 500 flower growers and bulb suppliers in Amsterdam over eight weeks (end of March until seccond week of May). The origins of the Keukenhof garden trace back to the 15th century, initially recognized as the gardens of the Countess Jacqueline of Bavaria. Presently spanning over 200 hectares, it annually hosts the renowned tulip festival. If you have a passion for flowers, this event is a must-add to your bucket list! 🌷

  • Oktoberfest: one of europe's biggest folk festivals
    Celebrate with 5.9 million guests at Munich Oktoberfest, happening from the second week of September to the first week of October! With a whopping 7.7 million liters of German beer, dive into Bavarian culture through parades, traditional attire, and lively performances. Here's to a festive experience! 🍻

Blogs about Europe

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