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Dive into the enchanting late summer atmosphere for your upcoming holiday. Leave the crowds behind and enjoy unbeatable savings with our exclusive late summer offers by travelling in August or September.

Top 9 late summer deals in Asia

Fly from Singapore to Asia’s most beautiful destinations. 🛫

Other late summer deals around the world

Looking to explore beyond Asia? Then explore some other late summer deals around the world! Take an extra step and venture into the the vibrant cities of Oceania and North America, charming landscapes of Europe, or the stunning deserts of the Middle East!

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What is late summer?

The second half of the summer is usually the last few weeks before the change to autumn. The weather is warm, but with subtle hints of cooler autumn temperatures. In the northern hemisphere, late summer usually begins in mid-August and lasts until the end of September, depending on your geographical location. During this time, many regions experience the end of the peak summer heat, fewer crowds and the beginning of shorter days.

Why travel in August or September?

Fewer crowds: Popular travel destinations become less crowded once the school season begins. This means that the queue for various popular attractions or waits at the restaurants are also shorter. Due to the shortened queue, it may be easier to pack more time to activities and visit more places during your trip.

Perfect weather condition: Compared to the hottest peak summer month of July, the weather in August and September is still warm enough, but usually the temperature is milder overall compared to the extreme heat. Other this might vary slightly depending the actual travel destination and the local weather, however, this milder temperature makes it ideal to explore more new places while the weather is still nice.

Lower fares: One of the most advantage of traveling around this time is the cost of savings compared to traveling in June and July. Not only our airplane tickets normally cheaper, hotel and accomodations are are also lower to attract people as they try to fill in the vacancy. For those wishing to travel within a nice low budget, these two months are one of the most ideal times to plane for a nice relaxing vacation.

Beautiful landscapes: As the summer ends and autumn foliage slowly starts to show as we approach the last few months of the year, the scenery especially in September can be particularly beautiful.

Unique events: The months of August and September are still fun of various events and festivals. One of the more famous events is the start of the Oktoberfest in Germany from the end of September. Music festivals and also fashion weeks, including London and Milan are also held throughout Europe.

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  • Fares are subject to availability. Prices exclude any possible baggage costs.

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