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Perched on the bulge of Northern Africa, Morocco has long been a great link between Africa and Europe, with the city of Marrakech as its jewel. Deep in the heart of the country, Marrakech evokes an atmosphere of exoticism melded with some European influence.

Travellers catching flights to Marrakech and staying there for a few days will not be disappointed by the sights and smells of the city. It is a cacophony of snake charmers, mosques, rose gardens and welcoming people, eager to show off their city. So book one of the flights to Marrakech through CheapTickets.sg.

Moments in Marrakech

Every moment will have something to savour whether you are wandering around the old town, the medina, especially Djemaa el-Fna, the main square, or speculating on the former majesty of the now-ruined Palais el-Badi. The square comes into its own as the sun goes down and people from all walks of life appear – storytellers, jugglers, acrobats and musicians.

One building you will not be able to miss is the Koutoubia Mosque with a minaret straddling the sky at 70m high. This can be seen for miles around and it is the city’s most prized monument. Even the Musee de Marrakech is housed in a palace, while the oldest mosque in the medina is the Ali ben Youssef Mosque, built in the 12th century.

What to expect from the flights Marrakech has

There are quite a few international airports in Morocco but the main one for flights to Marrakech is Marrakech Menara Airport, just three miles away. This makes it extremely convenient if you have got flights to Marrakech and are also staying in the city.

Before booking your flights to Marrakech direct through an airline or from a high street travel agent, try out CheapTickets.sg to see what deals on flights to Marrakech it can come up with. CheapTickets.sg is renowned for searching out the most low cost flights to Marrakech whatever time of year you want to travel.

Once you have touched down from your flights Marrakech is so close that travel to your hotel or wherever you are staying will not be too much. So do not delay, book your flights to Marrakech with CheapTickets.sg today!

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