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Sometimes, traveling with your best friends is all the therapy you need

Traveling with your family or significant other is great. BUT once in awhile, every lady just needs some fun-filled girl time. South Korea is an incredible country to visit and the best way to experience it all is to travel with your besties! You can start your day with a hair & beauty makeover at a beauty salon in Cheongdam-dong and continue with brunch in a hipster cafe, followed by shopping trips and end the day with a relaxing spa.

See below our itinerary for each city - Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Gangwon and call up your girl friends! It's time for another trip!


Seoul is a modern city that retains the exquisite charm of its glorious past and offers an abundance of sights to see and activities to engage in. With 7 daily direct flights from Singapore, hop on a plane and start your Korean adventure in Seoul.

#1 Lose yourself in Myeongdong

Korean cosmetics are known worldwide, as they have pioneered today's Korean beauty trend. Hence, a trip to Korea means a chance to stock up on all your K-cosmetics. Head to Myeongdong, known as the cosmetic street that you can easily find all your K-cosmetic brands from The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Laneige and more! If you'd like to hit many shops in one visit, go to Lotte Premium Outlet (Paju) and get discounted price on famous brands.

#2 Kimchi making classes

Discover the secrets to creating Korea's most popular dishes during this small-group cooking class in Seoul. OME Cooking lab offers you an experience programme. You get the scoop on how to pick out the freshest seasonal ingredients during a guided tour of a food market and enjoy a culinary experience. They have different menus every day and you can choose the dish you want to cook. Be your own chef whenever you're craving for Korean food!

#3 Dreams do come true

Hallyu fans are probably more interested in chasing superstars than regular tourist attractions. Grevin Seoul is the perfect place for this, as it features 4-storeys of your favourite hallyu stars, Hollywood actors, and other world-famous figures. Make your fangirl dreams come true by taking photos with your idols on the red carpet or from popular dramas scenes. Don't forget to buy star-related souvenirs back to Singapore!

#4 K-beauty makeover

Who doesn't want to get a beauty makeover at a salon among celebrities? Go to Jenny House to get a chic and trendy hairstyle, which has a 500+ clientele that includes TVXQ and Girls Generation. You can look like a celebrity and see one in real life at the same time. If you've watched “Get It Beauty and Take Care of My Dressing table”, visit Beaute 101, a beauty space that offers makeup and hairstyling services.

#5 Contemporary Korean medicinal spa

Seoul has plenty of spas where you and your BFF can get pampered. Recharge and restore at Sulwhasoo Flagship spa with their exquisite techniques in a treatment room with natural lighting and comforting music. Try the balancing treatment with Sulwhasoo's signature - Concentrated Ginseng Cream and jade ring to supply ample nutrition to your body. You'll feel energised almost instantly!

#6 Get a heavenly view from high above

A day of travelling is not completed without some night activities. Head to Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky observatory if you want to enjoy the night view of the entire city. Recorded in the Guinness World Records as being the “World's Highest Glass-floored Observatory,” the Sky Deck is a mix of exciting and scary, as the floor alternates between being opaque and transparent right beneath your feet!


South Korea's second largest city will amaze you with its breathtaking beaches, mountains, hot springs, seafood and more! This seaside town offers a vibrant contrast to Seoul's modernity and it's more chilled than the capital, but surely there are plenty of hidden gems for you to explore.

#1 Instagram-worthy attraction

Known as Busan's Santorini, Gamcheon Cultural Village is a mural village known for its street art. Low-rise apartments sporting colourful hues sit side by side on a gentle mountain slopes to the sea. Navigate your way through the winding alleyways known for artists and art students who constantly create projects to be exhibited in the village. This is the best place to snap fun photos with the girls against the mural walls.

#2 Shopping spree in Busan

Busan is home to one of Korea's largest markets - the traditional Gukje Market consisting of more than 1,000 shops and food stalls. The market stocks such a wide variety of goods, that you can find almost everything you need or head to Shinsegae Centum City - the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest department store in the world! You'll find outlet stores with branded items at great discounts!

#3 The sea, sand & sun

At the tip of Yeongdo Island, southwest of downtown Busan you can find Taejongdae, an area with rugged cliffs dropping straight down to the sea, offering some of the best sunrises of Busan. Busan has also five beaches, the most popular being Haeundae Beach. This stretch of beach is lined with restaurants, cafes and bars. Drop by the Folk Square where you can enjoy traditional games such as neoldduigi (seesaw jumping), Korean wrestling, tuho (arrow throwing) and more.

#4 Largest seafood market in South Korea

What's the best thing about visiting a coastal city? The seafood of course! Visit the hugely popular Jagalchi Market to sample the freshest produce and experience the local market atmosphere. Mackerel fish is a Busan specialty, with an annual Mackerel Festival held on 25-27 Oct to commemorate this ‘Busan fish'. If you are a coffee lover, make sure you visit Jeonpo Café Street, where you can find a cluster of unique coffee shops.

#5 Traditional Korean spa experience

A must visit for any girl who wants to enjoy the diversity of 18 natural hot spring water baths, saunas, aesthetic spa programmes as well as various additional wellness services - Spa Land, located at Centum City. The Shinsegae Centum City is the largest shopping complex in the world, and it includes a hot spring water park, an ice skating rink, a bookstore, a dinner theatre, a golf practice range and much more.

#6 Dine & wine

Among the bustling restaurants that line the main street that runs parallel to Haeundae, you should certainly not overlook The Bay 101, the hottest complex in Busan at the moment. Grab a bite at either Daedo-sikdang, Fingers and Chat, and Side and take in the enthralling panaromic waterfront view. Plus, The Bay 101 has its own yacht club which allows tourists a chance to have a yacht experience during the day.


The Gangwon province is home to Korea's most beautiful mountain and has a multitude of beautiful forests, mountainside temples and hot springs. Additionally, it will be also home to the 2018 PyeongChang winter Olympics.

#1 Escape the city to Mt Seoraksan

Just 3 hours from Seoul, you'll discover abundant nature and wildlife in Mt Seoraksan. It is considered one of Korea's most beautiful mountains and is the third highest in South Korea. Stop by Zen Buddhism Temple, Shinhuengsa that has big bronze Buddha statue, along the hiking trail. Soak into the calmest atmosphere that you will never find in the city. After a short hike, you will take a cable car to the Gwonguem Seong, the top of the mountain.

#2 Breath of fresh air Namiseom island

Namiseom is where the mega hit K-drama Winter Sonata is filmed. Relive the memories of the drama by walking along the famous tree-lined (redwoods, ginkgos and pines) path featured in the most memorable scene of the drama. Walk around to appreciate the breathtaking natural scenery or pedal through lush countryside along the Bukhangang River on a leisurely journey by railbike. There are also many street food vendors that sell delicious local treats.

#3 Host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang

Pyeongchang offers wonderful outdoor activities year round, but the best time to visit is in winter, when the mountains are blanketed in snow. Visit the Phoenix Snow Park ski resort, the famous filming site of K-drama "Autumn in My Heart (2000)".Many of these resorts organise ski festivals - such as High1's Go-Go Ski Festival - popular with visitors from tropical countries. They offer packages that include skiing and snowboarding lessons, as well as competitions for all ages and abilities. Go and adventure with your besties and challenge each other on this!

#4 Picture-perfect beach with quirky attractions

Jeongdongjin was named for being located directly at the east of Seoul Gwangwamun Gate. It is the one of the best place to catch the sunrise. Take the sea train tour and see the wonderful coastal cities or walk around Sun Cruise park and you can see Sun Cruise Resort which is in the shape of a cruise ship. The main attraction is the sunrise garden - take photos with “The Hands of Blessing” and other works of art in the Sunrise Garden. Relax on the green lawn at Grass Garden or walk on water by stepping out directly over the ocean at the Glass Observatory.

#5 Former coal mine turned into a sprawling modern art complex.

Popularized by the hit K-drama “Descendants of the sun”, Samtan Art Mine was once an abandoned coal mine that has been now converted to an art museum. The impressive contemporary art complex combines modern art with the area's rich history of mining. The disaster site in the drama was filmed at Samtan Art Mine, an art museum converted from an abandoned mine. Samtan Art Mine features more than 10,000 art pieces and relics from the private collection of founder Kim Min Seok, after his travels to more than 150 countries over three decades.

#6 Rest, renew and revive

Healience Seonmaeul is Korea's first resort for well-aging and healing. Take this opportunity to fine-tune your lifestyle habits by taking part in one of their programmes which helps you to live a healthier life by improving your lifestyles. There are many activities for your to choose from - healing spa (detox effects from carbonic acid pool of more than 1,000ppm), red clay sauna (healing from nature-friendly negative ions and far infrared ray), Indian Kiva (a place to light up the bonfire under the star-filled sky to talk with friends) and many more!


Just off the the coast of South Korea, Jeju is a volcanic island that will charm you. The island was selected as one of the NEW 7 wonders of nature and is home to many filming sites for Korean dramas, as well as health resorts. Bring your friend on a rejuvenation trip to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

#1 Nature and wildlife

Situated off the eastern coast of Jeju Island, Udo Island was named because it resembles a lying cow. It boast of local heritages (female divers, stone walls, and stone tombs) as well as natural attractions, making it a miniature of Jeju Island. The Jeju Olle Trails are scenic roads and coastal walks which take you through the numerous natural wonders of the island. Jeju island is also home to Cheonjeyeon Falls, a three-tier waterfall.

#2 O Sulloc Tea Museum and Innisfree Jeju House

The O Sulloc Tea Museum includes a tea culture room, display of world tea cups, and a café. The tea stone offers tea classes and maturing spaces through which visitors can experience and learn about the Korean tea culture. Innisfree, the naturalistic cosmetics brand, invites visitors to their Jeju House where they can exclusively experience how to make natural soup, purchase limited edition Jeju products and also taste Jeju's green food made from local ingredients.

#3 Mysteriously beautiful lava cave

Formed when the lava that was deep in the ground spouts from the peak and flowed to the surface, this tunnel has been designated a natural monument of Jeju and is said to be one of the finest in the world. Manjanggul Cave has a variety of interesting structures inside including 70cm lava stalagmites and the lava tube tunnels. Whilst only 1km of the 13,422m Manjanggul Cave is open to visitors there is plenty to see as the natural stone pillars and stalactites are widely spread.

#4 Gorgeous three-tier waterfall

Directly next to the Jusangjeolli cliffs you can find the picturesque Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. Known as 'The pond of God', Cheonjeyeon Waterfall consists of 3 parts. Around the falls, a variety of plant life thrives and there is a cave where cold water pours from the ceiling to create a waterfall. See if you can find Cheonjeyeon Valley where you can find the ‘Seonimgyo Bridge' (an arch bridge that has 7 nymphs carved on the side) and the octagonal ‘Cheonjeru tower'.

#5 Popular K-drama filming sites

Seopjikoji was the filming site of "Gingko Bed," "The Uprising," "One Thousand and One Nights" and other Korean TV dramas. Nearby attractions include Jeju Folk Village and Udo Island as well.
Another filming site is Boromwat Café, where the popular K-drama Goblin was filmed. Rest and relax at Boromwat while taking in the view of the lavender and buckwheat fields.

#6 Wellness Center

WE Hotel Wellness Center is a health resort located in the Halla Mountain away from the Jeju City or Seogipo City. Wellness programmes include beautiful forest walking paths as well as forest and water therapy. Head over and have your dream bath that will rehabilitate both your mind and body. Book a facial with massage treatment and pamper yourselves with the group of your friends.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding S$14.60 booking fee.

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