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The most popular fly drives in Tuscany

Tuscany is a spectacular region in the centre of [Italy]/flights/italy)*. It's one of the most popular areas to drive through. This of course is due to the picturesque mediaeval villages, the many beautiful castles, rolling hills, purple heather and cultural cities along the way. Tuscany is the perfect place for a road trip! This is probably where the Renaissance originated. Discover special, cultural cities like Florence and Pisa, pausing to enjoy the tranquil nature.

The areas around Florence, Pisa, Arezzo and the island of Elba are specifically popular for fly drive holidays. Where to start? We've listed the most popular starting points for a road trip through Tuscany for you.

Featured destinations in Tuscany

Rent a car for a road trip through Tuscany and discover cities and places you'll never be able to reach by plane! For example, follow a route along these special destinations.

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Sorano is a small but impressive village. The houses are built on the edge of a cliff. It looks spectacular! Visit the fort and walk through the narrow streets before driving further inland. You can also drive south to Rome!

As you drive to Siena by car, you slowly travel back in time. And when you get out, you're suddenly in the Middle Ages. The town is one of the best preserved mediaeval sites. You can see traditional mediaeval horse riding, Il Palio, and enjoy authentic snacks.

After leaving the whirl of Siena, it's time to head for the heights. Montepulciano is a beautiful village at 600 metres overlooking Tuscany and the Val d’Orcia. Try some delicious wine in a palace dating back to the Renaissance. Obviously you shouldn't drink before getting back in your car!

On the edge of what we call Tuscany, you can find Arezzo. Here you can see a colourful annual mediaeval festival. The mediaeval centre was destroyed in the war, but it was replaced with various renovated shops and restaurants, which make Arezzo so unique.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding S$14.60 booking fee.

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