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The bustle, noise and sheer verve of this capital of the fourth most populous nation in the world is going to make you want to take the next cheap flights to Jakarta sourced through Vayama. Jakarta bursts with life at every turn and offers a great alternative to the rest of Indonesia so is a perfect place to use as a base.

This exciting city started out as a small harbour trading in spice in the 14th century but over time grew into a major seaport, and is now modern, thrilling and sometimes baffling. For travellers on flights to Jakarta it is their first stop in the archipelago of Indonesia and is a great place to delve into the culture of the country. Starting at the waterfront, where the city expanded, is a great place to orientate yourself. Stroll along the wharf which is just over a mile long and witness one of the only remaining commercial sailing fleets left in the world.

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Something to keep in mind

Something practical to keep in mind when traveling to Indonesia in general is that the tap water is not drinkable. So always carry a bottle of water on you.

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