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Shopping & Get a Massage in Bangkok

Bangkok is a major centre for international flights within Asia as well as being Thailand’s busiest airport. For the many airlines who offer flights Bangkok will probably be on their list of destinations.

A City of Contrasts

It is not surprising to see why. A city of contrasts, the capital of Thailand can surprise you at every turn – bustling shopping centres are juxtaposed with calm canal boats, red light districts nestle next to glittering Buddhist temples, and traditional monks tread the same path as businessmen hurrying to meetings. They might be hoping if they catch one of the flights Bangkok has, they can rest on the plane.

The ancient royal districts of Ko Ratanakosin and Thonburi are where most of the famous attractions can be found, including the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). At Wat Pho you can visit the world’s biggest reclining Buddha and the largest collection of Buddha images in the country.

But a trip to Thailand does not have to be all temples and religion. Once you have landed from one of the flights Bangkok has to offer, take time to soak up the unique sights and smells of this bustling city – jasmine garlands being sold, the aroma of fluffy rice being cooked, and street stall holders shouting out their wares.

Take it All in

One of the beauties of Bangkok is sitting back and taking it all in; it is a country that allows you to do that. Men pass the time sitting on their haunches watching the world go by, so after you arrive from one of the flights Bangkok style, relax and people watch for a while.

Another fascinating spectacle is Chatuchak Weekend Market, a lively, crowded affair best visited first thing in the morning before the heat gets to you. Then you can take one of the flights Bangkok offers, safe in the knowledge that you saw as much as possible.

Relax in Bangkok

To really indulge yourself in an Asian treat, why not try out a traditional massage or dip into one of the spa rooms for age-defying treatments or a floral bath. If you later have to catch one of the flights Bangkok has then you will feel even more serene after a massage.

If serenity is a problem because you have children with you on the trip, indulge their whims by taking them to the Children’s Discovery Museum where they can play and learn at the same time. The Dusit Zoo holds more than 300 mammals, 200 reptiles and over 800 birds to wonder at. It is a great place to escape the noise and frantic nature of the city for a while as well as finding out about indigenous species.

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Quick Bangkok Travel Tips

Approximate Air Distance: 885 miles / 1425 km

Approximate Flight Duration: 2 hours

Must See Attractions: The Grand Palace, Wat Prakaew, Wat Arun, Floating Market, Chinatown, Wat Pho, Chao Phraya River, Chatuchak Weekend Market, and Khao San Road.

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