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An Air Traveller's Guide to Lima

Cheap flights to Lima

A place of incredible architectural beauty, world-class cuisine and an indigenous history that sprawls millennia, all of this comes together to form a city that is unlike anywhere else on Earth. Lima is a place that also incorporates lush mountains and breath-taking Pacific beaches. As the capital of Peru, the onetime capital of the Spanish Empire in Latin America and the fifth largest modern city in South America, it is a wonderful blend of old and new.

The city was founded in the 16th century by Spanish conquistadors, but the area itself had been home to indigenous civilisations and local tribes for thousands of years, most significantly the Incas who had a nearby settlement, just outside of the modern-day city. Peru became officially independent from Spain in 1824 and for the 150 years after the country saw much political upheaval. Today however its capital city is Lima, a culturally diverse, economically stable and eternally fascinating city.

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Flights to Lima

Airports in Singapore
Distance Singapore - Lima
18,819 km
Flight time Singapore - Lima
1d 4h+

* Airlines that had scheduled flights from Singapore to Lima in the last 60 days

How to get from Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) to the city centre?

🚕 Taxi
Price: 40 Soles | Duration: 25 min | Availability: 24/7
🚌 Airport Express Bus
Price: 30 Soles | Duration: 120 min | Availability: 07:00 am - 00:00 am

Things to do in Lima

Lima is a vast city, with almost nine million inhabitants and no end of cultural landmarks and sights that date from ancient civilisations to modern times. Fitting it all in won't be easy, but we have selected the top sights and things to do during your time in the Peruvian capital.

A visit to the Peruvian capital includes a visit to art galleries housed in beautiful colonial buildings as well as visits to the many pre-Hispanic ruins found in and around the city. Upscale shopping, beaches and delicious seafood are all part of a day's work in this city. Like much of Latin America, the local Liman population like to celebrate in style which means the city plays host to a number of street festivals such as Carnavales and Independence Day.
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Events in Lima

Locals have a lot to celebrate in his city from independence to religious festivals and cultural events. Depending on when you arrive in Lima you are likely to find one or more annual events occurring.
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Practical info

  • Temperature: The average temperature during the summer months is 22˚C and approximately 15˚C during the winter months.
  • Time difference: Singapore is 13 hours ahead of Lima.
  • Currency: Peruvian Sol (PEN).

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Flight deals to Lima

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Lima

✔️ Is Lima safe for travel?

Overall, Lima is safe to visit.

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✔️ Is Lima a good destination for female solo traveller?

Lima is safe and nice for solo female travellers.

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✔️ Is Lima expensive to visit?

Lima is not that expensive to visit compared with other popular desinations, such as New York and Paris.

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✔️ What is the best way to travel around Lima?

The public transportation system in Lima is extensive and affordable, such as Metropolitano bus.

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✔️ Which area should I stay in Lima?

Barranco and Miraflores are recommended areas, since they're relatively safer and visually more attractive.

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